Q: What is your main focus when working with a client?

A: My main focus is to bring resolution and healing to each client in a tangible way.

Q: How do you begin work with a client?

A: Through safety, acceptance, love and a "doorway in" which is often either physical, emotional or personal issues that an individual is experiencing. These issues (or "doorways" as I like to call them) eventually lead us to the source of the issue. Once we are at the source, we can begin consciously healing the issue.

Q: How do you actually “journey” within? Is this just imagining?

A: First my client must feel safe and accepted - and I don’t mean this in an esoteric way. I know what it truly means to create a safe space of acceptance so that the aspects of one’s-self which are locked in a protective mechanism finally sense through all the protection that it is now safe for a change to occur. Once safety and acceptance is present, then the information the sub-conscious is ready to share, will naturally surface towards the conscious. Sometimes what surfaces are words or memory fragments or images or feelings that have been stored away for years or a lifetime. It is truly amazing how much can shift in a person's life when these old, hidden fragments are allowed to come forth into consciousness. 

Q: How long are your sessions?

A: 50 - 60 minutes.

Q: What does a session cost?

A: $75 per session. 

Q: How often do you schedule sessions and how long do you work with clients?

A: It really depends on what feels right for the person I am working with. Most people I work with on a weekly basis - that seems to allow enough time to integrate what occurs each week. Sometime I have 2-3 sessions with a person in a given week if they ask for it and feel there is something they want to focus on working with.

Q: How do I schedule a session?

A: Send me an email with your phone number and I will call you back to answer any questions you have and schedule a time that works for us both.