I am amazed by those who I work with as I see them able to complete in a year or two work that took me many more years to complete. Each person is different and what is revealed and how it is revealed is unique.  Within the specific details of each person's past usually lies the keys that will help to set them free. My gift is that I am able to help each person journey into their own subconscious and locate hidden aspects of them selves that ultimately have great influence over their lives. It really is like a literal journey into one's self as hidden aspects of a person gradually come forward a little at a time. As these hidden aspects are presented, I am able to help bring safety and an awareness that eventually allows resolution to occur. It is a personal journey in that I do not infer or suggest what may be coming forward, but allow each individual to discover it for them selves - and that is how we "move" inward together on this journey of the self. It is through this path of self-discovery and recognition that each client is able to piece together their past and as this happens, they begin to understand, resolve and bring healing to the overriding unconscious influences that have been directing their lives. With a greater understanding of one's own truth, shifts on a personal level naturally occur. The perspective that is gained is not analytical in nature. It is based on gradually remembering that which was forgotten and experiencing the feelings associated with it. This is not make believe - it is through a visceral experience of re-connectedness in areas that were afraid and disconnected that allows true compassion and healing for ones self. 

Part of my gift is being able to work both literally and psychically with the protective mechanisms that are in place for each person. Protective mechanisms are put in place for a reason - usually they allow a child or person to cope with an event that would have otherwise shattered their ability to exist at all. I am able to connect with the coping mechanisms in the psychic space in such a way that it allows the client's consciousness to come into the space as well. As a clients consciousness comes into the space where the unconscious coping mechanism is, a gradual recognition takes place and then understanding and eventually choice and healing. So doing this work is not about identifying behaviors and modifying them, it is about journeying to the root of one's thoughts and feelings, seeing and experiencing what is revealed and that will naturally incorporate into self understanding and one's life will naturally shift to better reflect who they truly are. 

Many of my clients have worked with other therapists or healers and the work we do together usually sheds new insight into the past work they have done. I have also worked successfully with therapists and students becoming therapists. Much of my work is via phone sessions. For those who are in Santa Fe, I am able to do the work in person. I find both to be just as effective in results. 

Client Testimonials

Working with Melissa has been an amazing experience for me. I first began working with Melissa because of a pervasive feeling of unworthiness that seems to lay itself under every aspect of my life. It kept me from my power and separate from my desires. For most of my adult life I have felt this holding back of myself and have worked with many supportive people over the years trying to break free. I have worked with counselors, shamans, psychics, body workers, and healers. All of which were helpful, but the work I have done with Melissa is the first time I have felt real movement or a change of belief at the base level. To me the work that Melissa does is a combination of all the healing modalities listed above. It is very physical work but also quite mystical as well. The thing that Melissa and I work on the most together is safety and acceptance mostly in regards to my inner child. Melissa is extremely gifted in this realm. (Working with the inner child.) We use a lot of journey work and visualization in our process. Melissa is so easy to talk to I feel safe and comfortable with her.  Melissa is a most loving and gentle guide in my healing journey and I feel myself emerging in a way I never have before. I am so grateful to her. 

Michelle (phone client)

Melissa has a valuable healing ability that can help one get to the source of their pain and heal it. She is able to reach deep places in the subconscious one rarely expects to be touched, or helped. Her intuitive gifts have been honed through many years of her own work, and as a result she is now able to provide invaluable support to the deep healing of others. Journeying with Melissa can be beneficial to anyone who aspires deep emotional and spiritual healing, and is especially helpful for those that have experienced trauma and abuse.

Dr. John Holden, Santa Fe, NM

Prior to doing healing work with Melissa, I had been in therapy twice, both times with highly regarded therapists, tried EMDR, men's groups, ACA meetings, practiced and taught yoga and meditation for over ten years, did workshops with Eckhart Tolle (prior to 1999) and John Gray (Men are from Mars...) and did extensive healing work with a well known chakra healer. Although everything I did seemed to help a little, none of the above ever allowed me to access or address what was unconsciously interfering with my ability to live a fulfilling life - my own suppressed childhood abuse.

Even though I exhibited classic symptoms of childhood abuse including family alcoholism, not being in a long term relationship or career path, being an adrenaline sport junkie / risk-taker, having depression and an underlying subtle yet pervasive sense that something was wrong with me, not one of the doctors or healers I worked with or workshops I took ever broached the subject of suppressed childhood abuse. In fact, the few times something related started to show up and be expressed by me, it was quickly suppressed by either a therapist or workshop guru. In hindsight, my guess is that these practitioners had never ever faced or healed from their own childhood abuse and diving into mine would not only bring up much unresolved pain, it would challenge their underlying belief system or coping mechanism that was either selling books or workshops or psychotherapy sessions.  

Although I was a very sweet, likable person, and I had various support mechanisms in place (therapy, exercise, good diet, friends) my life never came together in a way that felt truly satisfying. As I entered my thirties, I came down with an auto-immune disease for which there was no underlying cause and the only cure was long term synthetic corticosteroids. It was not until I began to work with Melissa and connect with the parts of myself that were fractured and hidden away as a result of my childhood - that I actually experienced healing on a deep level. Working with her has been profound and life saving and I am forever grateful for the healing and understanding she has brought into my life. I am now 7 years with no corticosteroids.

With ALL my heart - Thank you Melissa!!


I'd heard the term 'transformative therapy' but never understood what it meant until I began experiencing major transformations and shifts as a result of working with Melissa. After concluding many years of clinical therapy, I had reached a plateau and didn't have much hope of resolving certain childhood and family trauma issues. From the beginning, I was able to make much deeper progress working with Melissa than I had ever made before with previous therapy. Over the past year, I have experienced tangible changes in my daily life and have been able to change the course of my career by working through issues that I hadn't been able to access previously.  I can't recommend Melissa highly enough because of her deep insight, compassion and integrity as a healer.

Mary (phone client)

At 27 years old, I had a successful career and a loving girlfriend, but I was unhappy. I was a workaholic, sex addict, often ill, and had racked up thousands of dollars in debt. I reached out to Melissa six months ago after getting her information from a trusted friend. 

Through regular sessions, I learned to check in with my inner child. Things that happened to me 15 years ago were affecting me tremendously. With Melissa's help, I delved into that pain and gained an understanding of why I felt and acted the way I had been for 15 years. I stopped punishing myself for my behavior and started taking care of my inner child. That meant doing things for myself that weren't done as a child. It also meant letting go of many lies I've told myself and unhealthy ways of coping. 

Over the past six months, I've learned to stop striving and trying to escape. Instead, I've learned to be with what is. Melissa has given me the tools to start taking care of myself and I am forever grateful. 

- Dan