Welcome - my name is Melissa Lee and I hope my website will give you insight into the profound healing that is available for those seeking a deeper sense of peace and well-being.

My Healing Journey

For my entire adult life, I had suppressed and forgotten traumas I experienced as a child. Eventually the truth started unconsciously coming forward as anxiety and physical health issues. Once I was able to reconnect with the suppressed memories, my health issues subsided and I was on my way to wholeness. The journey has been a valuable one as I am now able to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of who I am on a deeper level. 

A little bit of my story - I grew up in rural Kansas and enjoyed playing outside in the garden as a child. I attended a Catholic College and then moved to the East Coast in my early twenties. Eventually I transitioned into working with a major national publication, met and married a television executive, raised two wonderful children, lived in a beautiful home and had a very enjoyable life. Everything seemed absolutely perfect until I began suffering from "inexplicable" anxiety and other chronic physical symptoms which led me on a quest to be healed. I sought treatment from several western medical doctors, a psychoanalyst, two naturopathic doctors, an acupuncturist and several healers that practiced a variety of healing modalities. I eventually enrolled in and graduated from two different healing schools. Unfortunately, none of the practitioners or teachers or healing modalities or healing schools were able to identify and address the core issues that were deeply hidden at the root of my suffering and eventual healing - with the exception of one healer in Santa Fe, New Mexico who became my teacher in 2005.

 In Santa Fe, I began to gently and gradually uncover years of suppressed childhood trauma that was not touched upon during years of psychoanalytical work or through other healers or practitioners. As I started uncovering my own suppressed childhood traumas, I was surprised at how much had occurred in my life that I had forgotten about. The more I uncovered and brought to resolution, the more I understood about the multi-faceted aspects and layers of "protective" coping mechanisms I had put in place.

In time, I began working with people of all ages and found that I was able to help others gently and gradually come into contact with lost or forgotten aspects of themselves. Most of my clients have been through some type of therapy, but still felt like there was "something" that was not fully resolved. 

I now have been a practicing healer for 12 years. I work with clients both in person and via telephone all over the world. I enjoy gardening, growing flowers, sharing time with my kids and my husband.....but most of all, I enjoy sharing this profound healing work and the journey back to wholeness. 

- Melissa